Who we are

We are a pan-African SME growth enabler passionate about supporting African businesses and entrepreneurs at all stages of growth. Leveraging strategic partnerships with key funding institions, technology service providers and innovators around the African continent, we are helping African businesses to grow and become profitable, and be able to actively support their local communities to develop.

Since our inception in 2019, we have helped many businesses in Gambia, Sierra Leone, and Ghana through our growth programs, birthing sustainable businesses in the process. We are working to expand our programs and partnerships across the African continent, and to help current and potential entrepreneurs build valuable businesses of tomorrow.

How we help

SME Digitization

We provide support for SMEs at all stages of their digitization journey, increasing efficiency and productivity

SME Skill Development

We support SMEs with key knowledge and skills to help them b better manage their operations and be investment-ready.

Access to Finance

We help bridge the gap between SMEs and financing opportunities, helping along each step of the way.

Who we work with


Start ups

Women Cooperatives

Governments and Corporate Institutions

Donor agencies

Why partner with us?

"Market Representation"

We have representation in various African markets

"Tech Support"

Existing partnerships with business technology providers


Existing partnerships with business financing providers


Experienced and connected team